Today many companies or individual are promoting their product through digital marketing, so today we will know about digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital means the internet and marketing mean advertising.
Digital Marketing is when we promote any product digitally. And in a digital way like promoting a  product on a website, Social media (like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Twitter), Blog, or any other digital marketing platform.

Why is Digital Marketing needed?

By digital marketing, you can promote your product easily and it'll help will reach people fastly.
It is also called online marketing and it is cheaper than offline marketing. It provides great results too. By digital marketing, you can show ads of your product to those people who are interested in that product and search for it. There are many ways in which you can promote your product on a digital platform. It increases the value of your product and allows you to sell your product online as well.

How to start Digital Marketing?

You can start digital marketing in many ways. So now let's see some of the ways:-

1. Google Ads-

When you search for anything on the Internet sometimes you may see advertisements, many of these ads are shown by Google. You can promote your product through google ads. By using google ads you can promote your product in many types of ads such as Text advertisement, image advertisement, gift advertisement, video advertisement, etc

2. Social media-

Social Media Marketing is the best and easiest way to do digital marketing, this method is used by many people today. Most of the people in India use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blog, etc and you might be the one as well.

3. Blogging-

If you want to do digital marketing or want to get it done by anyone else, then blogging is the best way, here you can work for free, today many people have joined the world of digital marketing because of this and many people have become specialized in digital marketing. If you want to get digital marketing done not by yourself, then you can hire a blogger,

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4. Youtube-

Today, YouTube is getting the most of the traffic from India, you can promote any of your products on YouTube through video ads. There are many people who promote products on YouTube after getting paid from big companies. YouTubers make a video about the company's product, including its full details, and then upload it. If you like making videos, then you can do online marketing with the help of YouTube or you can promote your product by online marketing on youtube.

5. Email marketing-

Email marketing is very important for a company, through email marketing, you can email your customer and tell them about your product or about your company, details of the company's product, about the offers of the company so that complete Information is received directly to the customer.


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