Here I'm providing you the best SEO settings for which will help you rank higher in google search. First of all, you have to create a blog on blogger, you all know how to create a blog. You have the settings on the left side of your blog's dashboard, you have to make a lot of settings related to SEO, maybe a lot of you do not know about this, so I am telling you.

1. After clicking on Settings you have to go to Basic. Then first click on the option "title" and change the name of your blog, or give the name with the name you are going to create the blog, and click on save changes.
Below that, you will get the option of description, you edit it and put about 500 blogs in your blog and save from it.
Edit Visible to search engines on the side of privacy and click on the option yes and save it.
After this, you have to go down on that same page and click on the option Yes on the right side of  HTTPS redirect and save it.

2. Now you have to go to Settings and click on Search Preferences, after going here, you have to click on Edit on the side of Meta Description, then click on it. Here you have to enter such keywords or description which is related to your blog, remember. This description must be within 500 words and then click on Save Settings. When your blog will be shown on Google, then this meta description will also be shown below your website.

Now you have to click on the option of edit on the side of custom robot.txt and select Yes, after this a box will appear in front of you, what to write inside it, now May I tell you first of all you have to click on View blog and After the URL of your website add "/robots.txt" and press enter, then whatever is in front of you, copy it and paste it in that box and save it.

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There will be an option Custom robots header tags, you have to edit it and you have to do the same settings as in the image below and then save it.

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