Things to do before applying for Google Adsense for a website or blog. Here are some genuine tips for you that will work and make your blog or website attractive for approval.

1. First of all, let me tell you that if you want to take the approval of Google Adsense, then you do not have to create your website on topics like software, mp3, movies, or any porn website at all, you will not get AdSense approval on all these topics. If you still have to create a website on any of these topics then you can use alternatives to Google Adsense. There are many such websites that immediately give approval on the website containing all these topics.

2. You must have a top-level domain like com, in, org such a domain name. After this you should have an SSL certificate with this domain, nowadays all web hosting company is providing you SSL certificate for free. If you use a blogger, then the SSL certificate inside it is automatically turned on. On, you get AdSense approval but it takes 3-7 months, and that too will be your hosted account, you cannot add your other website to it.

3. Now let's move towards our third point, many people do this, who create a new blogger or WordPress, then there is an excitement in them that we make our blogger or WordPress a little attractive, make color combinations more, more codes Add to it, so it has a little effect. The more the color of your theme is light, the sooner your website will rank in Google and the chances of getting Google Adsense approval will be slightly higher. You can see the big companies' websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter and you can see the color combination, they always have a background light and the text above is a bit dark. So you select your theme in such a way that its color is light and keep it very simple, do not design more inside it, do not add more images, and do not make it heavy. So you have to keep theme responsive and colors light.

4. Now comes the turn of the article, you have to write at least 20-25 unique articles. Each article is written for a minimum of 500 words, Google gives approval in 300, but if you write 500 words, it will be a good impression and you must use the images inside it. And one thing you must keep in mind is that till you get AdSense approval, you have to keep updating your blog.

 5. Now you have also written posts, now you have to create some pages, you have to create pages like about us, contact us, disclaimer, privacy policy, terms, and conditions. And of course, make a sitemap's Html page. It is very important to make these pages, in which the most important privacy policy is compulsory to be inside your site. If you make all the pages and do not create a privacy policy page then you will not get AdSense approval.

6. When you complete all these steps, then you should wait for at least 20-25 days and let your blogger or website be old, then apply for Google Adsense.


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