What is Amazon?

Amazon is an e-commerce website where you can shop online and when we talk about online shopping, then the first website people talk about is Amazon.

Today Amazon has become the most popular and best way for shopping as well as selling and earning money.
So now we'll learn how can we earn money with Amazon.

I'll be sharing two ways to make money from Amazon.

     1. Affiliate marketing
     2. Product selling

1. Affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a program by Amazon and many other e-commerce websites by which a blogger can earn money by selling a product of Amazon or any other company through his website. The commission received depends upon the type of product that it is like, they'll get more commission on fashion and lifestyle categories, and less commission on electronics products. If your website is new and it gets fewer views, then you will not make much profit by applying products ad on your website. Therefore it would be better that you put affiliate products in your blog only when your blog will start getting more visitors.

How to make money by affiliate marketing?

If you want to start your own business or if you are a student and want to earn money online, then this method is the best way for you, you can earn money by working part-time.

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2. Product Selling

Now let's talk about how you can earn money by selling your product on Amazon
If you are involved in digital marketing or you do not know digital marketing, then this post is for you. Suppose you make your own product or you do not have any product, then in this post you will get complete information.

If you are a manufacturer and you make your own product or you have your own company, then it's good, but if you do not have your own manufacturing company, then I'll tell you how to decide which product to sell.

How to decide the product?

When you think of the product, then you should keep some things in mind
The inability of the product to know how much people are buying that product.
The Scope of the product meaning if people need it. if the product is not needed by people, they will buy your product?
What is the profit margin in this product, if profit is there then it'll grow and if you have an interest in that product and in the future you want to increase that product or not?

Now you have to go on the google search engine to search the product and Amazon bestseller
And go to Amazon's best-seller link
Now there must be a category of your product, look at the category of your interest, and before selecting a category, go to Amazon and see how much profit you can get from that category.

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After selecting the category go to the profit rate on Amazon and click on processing. Now you have to enter your product name under Calculate The Profit You Can earn through your Product, you will get the full cost of your product that what can be the cost on which package is possible.
And what amount of money you'll get? Before choosing the product, one thing should you have to keep in mind is that choose the product which is easy to buy and to manufacture.
Or select it according to your investment if you want you can talk to wholesale who are available in your market. You can directly contact the wholesaler as well. Now you know about the product too.

Now the thing is how will you register on Amazon so that you can see your product
You have to go to the seller center tab on Amazon and click on the register here or click on the start link, now a page will appear in front of you, in which you will have to fill all your details, after filling your details you have to submit it, now your seller account has been created.

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