For a blogger Article is the most important thing because it helps rank the website on top which will help to get more traffic so it is important to write SEO friendly Articles. Here are some tips for writing an SEO Friendly article.

How to Write SEO Friendly Article 2020

How to Write SEO Friendly Article 2020

  • So first thing you have to do is when you write a post, then see what your target is, what you want to target, which keyword you want to write your post. First you decide the keyword and research it.
  • You have to write an article of at least 300 words and write a unique article, not copy-paste from anywhere. You can check copyright by putting your article on smallseotools. Your title should also contain that Main keyword.
  • Whatever blog post you are writing, you should give at least some detail of 20-35 words in the starting, which should also contain the main keyword, and make your main keyword bold.
  • After that you have to put an image related to that post and also keep its name related to the post, after that the image has an alt text feature, in that you also have to name it with the main keyword, this will give users a good impression and Your post will also look attractive. You can download and use copyright-free images from pexels.

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  • You have to put your main heading which contains the main keyword in the h1 tag, then write the second heading inside the H2 tag and so on in the same systematic way and try to give the same only 1 heading in each tag.
  • Change each paragraph after 50 words so that it looks a little cleaner and clearer and the user does not feel boring.
  • After writing 200–300 words,  do internal linking in the middle, give a link to the blog posts that you want to rank,  you have to give at least 3-4 links of your blog posts. You can also add related links from your article which will help to rank.
  • Now comes the question of promotion, you can attach the link of your post by answering the questions related to that article in the Quora. It will help you gain more traffic and it will work as a backlink and will help your post rank higher.  
  • And lastly, update your website from time to time so it doesn't go lower in the ranking.


  • Don't use copyright images
  • Don't do copy-paste of article
  • Don't use paid traffic sites
  • Don't use article generating sites

I hope this was helpful to you!

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