SEO is used to rank any YouTube channel or website. If you do not do SEO on your YouTube channel or on your website then you'll not get organic traffic on your youtube video or website. So with the help of SEO here, you can make your website grow or youtube channel and you will also bring good views, now we will know about that.

What is SEO?

Full-Form Of SEO is (Search Engine Optimization), now you must be thinking that this is a full form of SEO, so let's start learning SEO.
Now suppose you have a YouTube channel or you have developed a website, now you have posted a video on YouTube or posted content on the website, how you'll show it to the world, show it to the world means how to spread your video across the Internet, how will someone see it or how someone will visit your website or youtube. There are three following ways:-

1. To make your website or video viral, you have to first post it on Facebook or share it in WhatsApp group, You will have to tell people about it that watch my video, Check my website, This first way in which you will get almost 200 or more.

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2. The second way is to run its ad, like the section of the ad comes in Facebook, you can run the ad there or else run the ad in Google or before you start its video on a big channel of YouTube, run the ad so that you get views but in it, It is a problem that it will cost a lot of money, but we are small and new people, we do not have much money that we could run your ad, we will not be able to work on it because we have no money.

3. The third way is by organic search, you can take more than a million views from it, that too for free on your video I will tell you how, Suppose you are searching for something on the Internet, then what will you do? You will first go to or some other search engine and type your keyword there.

What is SEO Keyword?

The thing you type inside Google's search bar tells that its a keyword
Suppose you have searched what is the block, now it becomes the responsibility of Google to show you a list of websites or YouTube videos that are on this word and Google shows you all the lists according to your search, now SEO has been done and Google is showing you the website's on which SEO friendly article is written. Meaning when someone searches something and your video or website appears there, this is called SEO.

Now what happens is there are many crores of websites in the world and once a website ranks on a keyword is not ranked throughout life, competition comes and people come who push their website rank. All these things that come over us are controlled by Google's algorithm, now this algorithm is absolutely secret and can be spoiled by Google the day anyone understands this algorithm.

Why SEO is important for a blog or website?

Suppose you have created a blog or website, posted good content in it, and published it, but if you have not used SEO here then your blog or website will not be able to reach people and you will not get any benefit or views. If you do not use SEO, then no user will be able to access your website or blog. Your website will not appear in the search engine.

If you want to bring views to your blog and website, then it is very important to do SEO. If you work a little bit, then you can do SEO. There are many things for SEO which you can keep in mind while optimizing your blog or website for search engines. How to Write SEO Friendly Article 2020

Some of the important points are given below:-
  • Content quality should be good
  • Use keywords with content
  • Use relative photo or video for content
  • Use a domain name that matches the content
  • Use keyword in permalink 


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