New Delhi: WhatsApp has been working on the multiple device support feature for a long time and users are eagerly waiting for this feature. At the same time, a screenshot of this upcoming feature has been shared in the report that came out. After this, it is being speculated that the company is planning to launch this feature soon. With the help of a multi-support feature, users will be able to use WhatsApp across multiple devices simultaneously. Whereas currently it can only be used simultaneously on smartphones and desktops. The WABetaInfo report states that the multi-device support feature has been seen once again in the 2.20.143 beta version of WhatsApp. The company has been working on this feature since last year. By using this feature, users will be able to use WhatsApp across multiple devices simultaneously without disconnecting from the main device.

A screenshot of this feature has been shared in the reported WhatsApp beta twitter tweet. Also, it is written that it is written on the screen as 'Login on a new device'. It is also written, 'It will be slow on the use of mobile data and it may cost you more data too'.

Recently, WhatsApp has made a very special change in its video calling feature. Now video calling can be done with 8 people simultaneously in WhatsApp. Whereas before this only 4 people could be added to the video call. With the launch of this feature during lockdown, users can connect with many of their friends and relatives at one time.

On Monday, WhatsApp limited message forwarding to just one on its platform to prevent fake news related to the COVID-19, whereas earlier a message could be forwarded to five people at a time.

According to the company, after this decision, viral messages on WhatsApp have decreased by 70 percent. Also, WhatsApp has said that the fast-forwarding message has decreased by 70 percent. The special thing is that this change has been seen in just two weeks after the release of the feature.

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