AutoCAD 2014 Free Download

Basically, If you’ve made it this far, you know very well that AutoCAD is a highly respected CAD software for professionals and is an industry-standard. However, As we have already mentioned, in this little post, you will be able to find a free installation of AutoCAD2014 for your computer. In addition, Find AutoCAD2014 free download is version 28 of the software, and it adds a number of improvements over other versions and simplifies some of the workflow. Further, from here you can reach to the official page where you can download AutoCAD2014 for free to create incredible 2D and 3D Cad designs easily.

History Of AutoCAD 2014

That is to say, AutoCAD began to be used in industries that include project managers, architects and engineers, among other professions, with 750 training centres. And also, AutoCAD2014 is computer-aided design software that Autodesk officially promotes, which has played a significant role in design and writing. And by early 1986, AutoCAD had become the most popular microcomputer design program in the world.

AutoCAD 2014 Free Download for Windows

AutoCAD 2014 Free Download

That is to say, Next, we will discuss the improvements and requirements for AutoCAD 2014 with the Windows operating system.

Autodesk AutoCAD 2014 Windows Enhancements

Surely you wondering what AutoCAD 2014 for Windows brings us? It should said that this software offers us with this version a variety of improvements such as an integrated converter to transform DWG files and compatibility with PDF files. On the other hand, AutoCAD for Windows also offers us previously defined surface materials and an extensive library of textures.

Requirements AutoCAD 2014 for Windows with 32 and 64 bits

AutoCAD 2014 system requirements- Windows 32bits –

Minimum requirements Recommended Requirements
Processor Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon™ Dual-Core with SSE2 Technology 3.0 GHz or higher for use with Windows 7
Memory 2GB 4GB
Screen resolution 1,024×768
Disc space 8GB
OS Windows® 7 Enterprise, Ultimate, Professional, etc. or Home Premium Edition
Extra DVD-ROM drive


AutoCAD 2014 system requirements – Windows 64bits –

Minimum requirements Recommended Requirements
Memory 4 GB of RAM minimum 8GB
Screen resolution 1,024 x 768 display 1,600 x 1,050
Processor Athlon 64 with SSE2 technology, or AMD Opteron™ processor with SSE2 technology, or Intel® Xeon® processor with Intel EM64T and SSE2 support, or Pentium 4 with EM64T and SSE2 support
Disc space 8GB
OS Windows® 8 Standard, Enterprise, Professional edition, or Windows 7 Enterprise, Ultimate, Professional, or Home Premium.
Extra DVD-ROM drive for installation

AutoCAD 2014 Free Download for Mac

That is to say, we have already mentioned everything about AutoCAD 2014 for Windows, and now we will discuss improvements and requirements for AutoCAD 2014 with Mac operating system.

Autodesk AutoCAD 2014 Mac Enhancements

We have already talked about the improvements of AutoCAD 2014 for Windows, and surely you wondering, but what did the AutoCAD 2014 for Mac version bring us ?:

  • Meanwhile, It gave us support for screens with retina display.
  • Likewise, Compatibility with Mac OS X Mavericks.
  • A new welcome screen with practical help and learning resources.
  • A drawing package to collect the projects (similar to what AutoCAD Windows already had ).
  • Autodesk 360 support for project synchronization.
  • It offers us the option of a help system and printing.
  • Finally, it brought us internal changes in the software to improve the growth and development of new features that are already enhanced today.

Requirements AutoCAD 2014 Free Download for Mac

That is to say, next, we are going to mention the requirements that are required to install AutoCAD 2014 Mac:

System requirements for AutoCAD for Mac 2014

OS Apple® Mac® OS® X v10.11 or later (El Capitan) supports AutoCAD 2014 for Mac SP4;

Mac OS® X v10.10 or later (Yosemite) supports AutoCAD 2014 for Mac SP3; OS X v10.9.0 or later (Mavericks); OS X v10.8.0 or later (Mountain Lion) with a 64-bit Intel processor.

Minimum requirements       Recommended Requirements        



Apple Mac Pro® 4.1 or later; MacBook® Pro 5.1 or later; iMac® 8.1 or later; Mac® mini 3.1 or later; MacBook Air® 2.1 or later; MacBook® 5.1 or later Mac Pro® 5.1 or later; MacBook Pro 10.1 with Retina display or later; iMac 11.1 or later; Mac mini 4.1 or later; MacBook 7.1 or later
disk space 2.5GB 3GB
Memory 3GB 4GB
Screen resolution 1280 x 800 monitor with true color 2880 x 1800 with Retina display
Graphics card All graphics cards on supported hardware
Printing machine Mac OS X compatible printer
Operating system language All Mac OS X operating systems in supported languages
pointing device Apple® Mouse, Apple Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, MacBook® Pro trackpad, or Microsoft-compatible mouse

AutoCAD 2014 free download for Windows and Mac

We already know what each operating system brings us so I will talk about the prices in Spain of AutoCAD licenses. I will also leave the alternative available for free download.

AutoCAD 2014 free download

To download and install AutoCAD 2014 in Spanish for free, I will leave you a link at the end so that you can try the version you are looking for and good news! It is available for both Windows and Mac.

However, This would be the whole topic to cover in this post; Moreover, if you have any unclear questions, leave me your comment below to help you solve them. All the best.