Daisy Keech Ab Workout – Hi, lovely people; today, I am back again with the new blog on abs. If you have been working a lot and still haven’t got abs and you are struggling to get abs, Here I am with another fantastic article where you can quickly get up within ten days of exercise and that no break

Most of them are laziest when it comes to the gym because of their busy schedule to go the gym. So here I am with an article where you can get abs obviously by working only 10 minutes a day by Daisy Keech ab workout

have you ever heard about daisy Keech ab workout. Daisy Keech’s ab workout is very efficient for anybody who performs these exercises daily without taking a break. You know what? I never believed that I could get my waist to quench through these exercises. But here  I am with the extraordinary results, which I think will be helpful for you all to have abs within less period. So now, let’s start

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The Estimated Cost Of Daisy Keech’s Ab Workout

Let's See About Daisy Keech Hour Glass Ab Workout

Technically If You Have A Youtube Channel, You Do Not Need To Have Anything, And You Do Not Need To Invest Any Amount Of Money In Watching These Videos. Still, Suppose You Don’t Have A Youtube Subscription. In That Case, They Might Be An Interruption Of Many Advertisements Rather Than The Entire Video For Us Free To Watch And Exercise On. This Exercise Might Also Be Done Wherever And Whenever You Want To Do it. You Can Do In The Open. In The Garden Or Your Room And I Prefer Doing This Exercise In The Yoga. www.rajkotupdates.news : elon musk pay 11 billion in taxes

Let’s See About Daisy Keech Hour Glass Ab Workout

This Workout Is A Core Workout, And It Has Different Types Of 9 Core Workouts. Which Will Focus Only On Your Waist To Give You An Hourglass Figure Doing The Workout Straight For 10 Mins. At The Start Of The Video, Daisy Told Us That This Workout Would Encourage Your Waist To Have An Hourglass Figure By Cinching At Your Sides. Now,  Let’s See The 9th Different Types Of Core Workout Line By Line.

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Step 1: Basic Crunches

the first hardcore exercise is basic crunches. In this, you need to move with your legs in the tabletop position, which will make it more challenging if you don’t know what basic crunches are; you can look on the YouTube

Step 2: Jack Knives.

the second one is Jack knives, and it is preferred to do 15 repetitions at each size with an interval of 15 seconds

 Step 3: Toe Taps.

The third step is Toe Taps; it is a classic Pilates exercise for the abdominals and the traverse, which moves your legs in a tabletop position. With the help of the core and knee.

Step 4: Russian Twist

The fourth step is Russian Twist. In this exercise, you have to do 15 repetitions on the alternate side with a gap of 1 minute in between

Step 5: Bicycle Kicks And Bicycle Crunches Both Will Take 2 Minutes

The bicycle kicks, bend one leg while lying on your back and place the opposite foot against your knee, so your leg is at a 90-degree angle. Press the opposite elbow inward to touch the bent knee. Perform 15 repetitions per side or do 30 seconds on each side. Learn more about how to do bike crunches and what variations you can try here.

Step 6: Scissor Kicks

for scissor kicks, you need to raise your legs to 45 degrees angle so that your lower back should be pressed against the floor that should engage the core, then kick your legs out to the sides switching which leg is on the top.

Step 7: Reverse Crunches And Butterfly Kicks. These Three Exercises Are In The End Step It Must Take 3 Mins.

Reverse crunch, lie on your back and bring your legs into a tabletop position. Engage your core and inhale to lift your hips off the floor and your legs back over your chest. Exhale as you lower yourself back to your starting position. Repeat this. Find out which celebrity also uses reverse crunches to burn their core.

 Butterfly kicks :

 For butterfly kicks, lie with your back on the floor and your arms at your sides. Raise your legs toward the ceiling, then lower them at a 45-degree angle to the floor. Move your legs up and down as if you’re swimming, keeping the movement small.

  • Elevated Crunches – 1 Min
  • REST – 15 secs
  • Bent Tow Taps – 1 Min
  • REST – 15 secs
  • Reverse Crunches – 1 Min
  • REST – 15 secs 
  • Bicycle Kicks
  • REST – 15 secs
  • Russian Twists – 1 Min
  • REST – 15 secs
  • Leg Raise – 30 secs
  • REST 15
  •  Superwoman’s – 30 secs

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 I Tried The Daisy Keech Ab Workout, And Here’s Its Result.

Daisy Keech Ab Workout, And Here's Its Result.


As You All Know, Daisy Keech’s Ab Workout Has Been Very Famous And Effective For Everyone. I Have Tried This Exercise For Straight Seven Days. The First Day I Tried These Exercises In Ago As Instructed With Little Intervals. At First, The First Exercise, With Easy The Second Was A Little Difficult Compared To The First. And The Third I Almost Gave Away Because It Was More Intense To The Core. I Usually Do Not Work On The Core Exercises, But Then I Tried And Did

Doing The Fourth Exercise, Russian Twist. It  Is A Very Hard Exercise To Be Done. Still, I Gave It A Go, And I Am Not Going To Lie. But It Was Not As Easy As I Thought. I Took More Than 15 Seconds Of Interval Gap Because Of The Youtube Advertisement. Because I Didn’t Have The Subscription, It Gave Me A Longer Break, Which Made Me Breathable, And I Could Do The Next Exercises.

After The First Day Of Exercise, I Felt A Little Bit Better. On The Second Day, I Had Bad Pain; I Thought I Would Give Up, But I Still Gave It A Go, and I Did All The Exercises On The Second Day. On The Third Day, The Pain Was Unbearable, And I Really Couldn’t Do It.  But I Did It Because Of The Hourglass Figure I Wished To Have For Myself.

Last 5 Days Of Keech Daisy Abs Workout

So I Tried Doing It Took Me A Longer Period.  But Yes, On The Third Day, I Did Exercises But Not In 9 Minutes.  But It Took Me 12 Minutes Because I Took A Little Longer Break. Also, On The Fourth Day.  It Was A Little Easy For Me. And I Have Seen Visible Results On My Body .5th Day Was More Easily Than When Compared To All The Others Because My Body Was A Little Habituated. I Have Done All The Exercises On The 7th Day.  After a week, my body is in better shape.

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