Facebook And Whatsapp Down – WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook went down due to a significant outage.

The three apps, all owned by Facebook and run on a shared infrastructure, stopped working shortly before 5 p.m. Other related products like Facebook Messenger and Workplace have also stopped working.

At the time of the script, it is unclear what caused the problem, although the company has suffered outages before.

In June and April this year, the social media giant’s platforms were unexpect disrupted due to a “network configuration problem.”

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WhatsApp outage offline to reports soon to stop working for “millions.”

Facebook And Whatsapp Down

Last week there were reports that WhatsApp would stop working on various older phones. It turned out to be a bit misleading: while phone support with older operating systems discontinues, the list of allegedly affected devices was incorrect. You can read all this here.

But that has unknown to do with it. Anyway, it will go into effect on November 1. But hopefully, it’s an exciting story to read while you wait to get back online.

Here’s an elementary version of one of Facebook’s problems: Its domain name system, or DNS, is not working. That may be a symptom or the cause, we should find out soon, but it is why when you type “Facebook.com” in your browser, the computer cannot translate it into the actual data conversion that makes up the Facebook website.

Does WhatsApp seem to be not working at the moment? Here are simple solutions you can try.

Update, October 4, 2021 (11:56 a.m. ET): WhatsApp has hotly reported having gone down worldwide. According to Down Detector, there have been thousands of flags in a short time. The outage may end at any time, but it may also last for a long time.

There are a few possible motives why WhatsApp is not working on your mobile device. Fortunately, in most cases, you can fix them pretty quickly. If the app crashes, can’t send messages or has other issues, follow the tips below to get the app working again.

  • Check if WhatsApp is not available
  • Close the application and open it again.
  • Search for updates
  • Restart the phone
  • Check your Internet
  • Clear the application cache
  • Allow all permissions
  • WhatsApp deleted your account?
  • Make sure you have enough space
  • Enable background data

We always blame our devices when something doesn’t work, but maybe the problem isn’t local. The reason why WhatsApp is not working could be because the service is not working.

An easy way to determine if the problem is with WhatsApp is to use a different application or browser. If all else works, the WhatsApp servers are likely the problem. You can also use online gear like the Down Detector website. This service will inform you if there is a problem with WhatsApp itself. When WhatsApp is down, all you can do is wait for the service to restore.

Close the application and open it again.

If WhatsApp isn’t the problem, it could be the app. A simple solution that you can try is to close WhatsApp and reopen it. It may also be helpful to log out and log back in. This should eliminate annoying errors and get all the gears back into position.

Search for updates

While older applications often have no problem running, services sometimes turn things around on the server-side and find some functions useless. You want to make sure you are running the latest version of the app, so head down to the Google Play Store and check for updates.

Restart The Phone

Believe it or not, a good reboot seems to fix most smartphone problems. Just resume your phone and see if WhatsApp works. It is one of the first troubleshooting methods you can try.

Check Your Internet

There is a possibility that your internet connection will drop. Again, you can try other applications or the web browser and see if WhatsApp is not working is an isolated problem. If nothing else works, the problem could be your internet connection.

Those who work via Wi-Fi or LAN can check the router and see if it connect to the Internet. You should probably also try restarting the router. Also, those of you using a VPN may want to try turning it off to see if that fixes the problem.

If you are using mobile data, you may want to see if your data connection is active:


  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to Network and Internet.
  • Choose Cellular network.
  • Turn on mobile data.

If you are outside your country or network coverage, also enable roaming (this may incur additional charges).

Clear the application cache

The cache is a great way to keep your phone sharp, but old data can get corrupted and make WhatsApp not working. There is nothing mistaken with removing it from time to time, especially if the application is not working.

  • Clear cache on Android:
  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to Apps and notifications.
  • Find the WhatsApp application under Show all applications.
  • Touch Storage & Cache.
  • Click Clear Cache.

You can also select Clear Memory for a clean start.

Many problems can arise if WhatsApp does not receive the necessary permissions to access important information. For example, WhatsApp may not get your contacts if you accidentally deny permission to your phone contacts. You may have also turned off background data.

To change application permission settings:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to Apps and notifications.
  • Find the WhatsApp application under Show all applications.
  • Choose yes