How to Fix [pii_email_53040687ab54a844cba0] Email Error Code 2021?

[pii_email_53040687ab54a844cba0] - pii_email_53040687ab54a844cba0

pii_email_53040687ab54a844cba0 – Hello associates, today I am here with a strategy for a bug problem. Failure!!! Yes, the mistake that anyone could face in our daily routine. Professionals can know the information I am trying to convey.

OK, let’s release the Tension.

Microsoft Outlook is an email application from Microsoft Corporation. It is a manager of private information. Very used to sending and receiving emails all over the world. It works as a standalone application, multi-user software, etc. For this reason, an error code pii_email_53040687ab54a844cba0 appears during the call.

Do not panic. As mentioned above, here I am with a strategy for your condition. The error is usually the result of a dispute over the SMTP server. The error is related mainly to incorrect account settings in the software settings. Therefore, you should seek the advice of port key characters, authentication, and secure connection. You don’t need to worry. It is easy to resolve the problem with my solutions. Would you please continue studying the guide below?

Causes of cause [pii_email_53040687ab54a844cba0] error code

This error code pii_email_53040687ab54a844cba0 can appear for the following reasons.

A cell phone process triggered it because other software set up on your computer.

Your Outlook may conflict with other email accounts.

An ancient form of Microsoft Outlook.

If you are working with the corrupted form of Microsoft Outlook.

Clean your fingers from the cache.

Resolving Mail Server

Navigate to the Tools menu and then click Accounts. Find out which account is causing problems. Use the following settings to establish a connection to the “Qualities” menu and the display.

1: Make sure the specific outgoing mail server is correct.

2: If your server requires authentication, check the server option.

3: Get advice on the number of main ports of the outgoing mail server.

4: Make sure the connection is secure.

Make sure to save your changes, and now take a look by sending a note. Let’s see the resolution to correct the error.

Using the AUTOMATIC REPAIR TOOL to repair [pii_email_53040687ab54a844cba0]

However, the auto repair tool can identify and fix the pii_email_53040687ab54a844cba0 error immediately. Follow the steps below to solve this error.

1: First, download a car repair tool to detect the error.

2: Go to the start menu – type “Control Panel” in the search bar.

3: After that, click on the Programs with option.

4: Discover “Office 365” in the “Programs with” option.

5: Choose the “Repair” option.

When the process is complete, restart Outlook again and continue with your strategy.

Contact the SERVER for tips to fix [pii_email_53040687ab54a844cba0]

As mentioned above, you may also have problems with your server due to errors. Therefore, solving the problems together with your server will help you correct the error.

1: Open the Outlook application.

2: Navigate to the file for -> Account Settings, then click on the Messages tab.

3: Select your email account from the list.

4: Visit Internet Messaging Settings.

5: Go to the Outgoing mail server tab and select My outgoing mail server (SMTP) requires authentication.

STEP 6: Click OK to apply the alterations.

If the error persists, continue with the following methods.

Deleting Duplicate Accounts

Duplicate accounts or even the account you may have accidentally logged into can also lead to crashes. Deleting duplicate people’s accounts can fix your error with Outlook.

1: Visit the Outlook menu.

2: Go to Account Settings -> Messages Tab.

3: Understand the duplicate account, select and then press the Delete button.

Now restart Outlook. If the error persists, continue using the following methods.

Altering the Sever Port Number

As in the last method, open Outlook. Go to File -> Account Settings -> Messages tab. Select your email account and follow the procedures below.

1: A brand new window called Email Account will open.

2: Click the More Settings option. You can see the opening in the Internet messaging settings window.

REINSTALLING OUTLOOK To Resolve [pii_email_53040687ab54a844cba0]

Eventually, if all the methods become useless, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Since reinstallation will fix most errors like [pii_email_53040687ab54a844cba0], uninstall and reinstall the application.

1: Open the Outlook application.

2: Visit and discover programs with Microsoft Office 365.

3: Click Uninstall and follow the on-screen instructions to properly uninstall the application.

4: After uninstalling, reinstall the application on your hard drive.

Afterward, you must create a new Outlook account. Create your new account and watch the email delivery. Hopefully this process will solve your [pii_email_53040687ab54a844cba0] error problem.

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