Welcome to the Instagram Highlights Viewer, your gateway to curated moments and stories on the world’s favorite photo-sharing platform. This innovative tool enhances your Instagram experience by allowing you to revisit and share your most cherished stories. With the Highlights Viewer, relive the highlights of your life or explore the captivating moments of others. Effortlessly organized and visually appealing, this feature transforms your profile into a narrative, offering a dynamic way to express and share your unique identity. Whether you’re a storyteller, brand, or enthusiast, the Instagram Highlights Viewer is your personalized showcase, providing an engaging and immersive journey through the snapshots that define you. Join us as we delve into the exciting realm of Instagram Highlights, where memories come to life and stories unfold in vibrant and captivating ways.

How to View Highlights Anonymously

To access a website containing the image or video, type a link to Highlights into the search bar at the top of this page. You can also specify the content you wish to see by entering a username or a link to the profile. The user’s Instagram page will then appear to you in Instagram mode; hit Highlights to see them. You don’t need to log into your account to use the viewer and downloader for Instagram Highlights. Thus, Instagrammers won’t be aware that you are viewing their stuff.

How to View Highlights Anonymously

How to Check Instagram Highlights Viewed on Android

Checking Instagram Highlights views on Android is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to see who has viewed your Highlights:

  • Open Instagram App: Launch the Instagram application on your Android device.
  • Navigate to Your Profile: Tap on your picture at the bottom precisely to go to your profile.
  • Access Highlights: Scroll down to the section where your Highlights are displayed below your bio. You’ll see circular icons representing each Highlight.
  • View Insights: Tap on the specific Highlight you want to check. Once the Highlight is open, look for the “Seen by” or similar option. Tap on it to view the list of users who have viewed that particular Highlight.

By following these steps, you can easily track and see the users who have viewed your Instagram Highlights, allowing you to gauge the engagement and reach of your shared stories.

How to Check Who Instagram Highlights Viewed After 48 Hours

Instagram automatically removes the list of watchers 48 hours after your Highlight was uploaded when it hits its time limit. After that, you won’t see who has viewed the highlights on Instagram. You can make use of the picture above.

Regretfully, there is no method for you to make this feature active. However, you may employ a few techniques to view the highlights of your Instagram story beyond 48 hours. None of the plans provide a clear-cut method. You must adjust and take different steps to find out how many people have viewed your Instagram highlights.

1. Boost Story Highlights

You can share your Instagram story on Instagram by using the Boosting feature. Similar to sponsored posts and advertisements. To improve your Instagram account, you must invest money. You can view the story’s analytics after it has been promoted. In addition to other information, you can check how many views and times the story has been watched.

How to Check Who Instagram Highlights Viewed After 48 Hours

2. Taking Screenshots

You can grab screenshots of the list of people who viewed your Instagram highlight before deleting the view count.

3. Use Third-Party Tools to See View Count

Third-party solutions are available to assist with Instagram account management. With these tools, you can succeed in your Instagram account and keep tabs on anything from likes to views. Among the most popular instruments are

  • Sprout
  • SquareLovin
  • Buffer and more

Instagram highlights are a fantastic tool for showcasing your assets and improving your profile. But even if you have a business profile, it’s limited in terms of metrics like views.


In conclusion, while Instagram offers transparency in highlighting views for the initial 24 hours, the platform doesn’t provide a direct means to check specific viewers after 48 hours. The dynamic nature of social media features evolves, and users are fortified to stay informed about any updates or changes in Instagram’s policies. While waiting for potential enhancements to the viewing options, users can focus on creating engaging content and leveraging the platform’s existing analytics tools for overall performance insights. Instagram remains a dynamic space, and staying attuned to its evolving features ensures a positive and informed user experience.