iPhone 8 Wireless charging –

iPhone 8 Wireless charging

iPhone 8 Wireless charging – With the release of the iPhone 8 and X, Apple makes it possible for the first time to charge its devices wirelessly. It was a relief for many Apple fans, as they previously had to charge their iPhone by cable, while Samsung smartphones have supported this technology since the Galaxy S3. But how exactly does charging work? What do you need for “wireless charging,” and what do you have to pay attention to? We have looked at the process and tell you everything you need to know to charge your iPhone 8 wirelessly.

Qi technology

The Chinese word “Qi” stands for “life energy” and is the eponym of a standardized method for wireless energy transmission through electromagnetic induction, in short: for wireless charging. Every device that uses Qi technology has an induction coil located on the battery and automatically charges when the smartphone places on an appropriate charger. And it is precise with this Qi technology that you can set your iPhone 8 wirelessly.

The advantage of a standardized procedure is obvious. Your mobile phone and the charging station do not necessarily have to come from the same manufacturer. If you want to charge your iPhone 8 wirelessly, that means you can choose which charger to use. Especially since Apple will not bring its charger called “Air Power” onto the market until 2018. A disadvantage of wireless charging, on the other hand, is higher power consumption than conventional charging by cable. In addition, there are long loading times and higher procurement costs.

Just hang up

To charge your iPhone 8 wirelessly, it is sufficient to place it on an appropriate charging station. That, in turn, has to be related to a socket with a cable. You mustn’t remove your device from the charging station in between while charging, as the closest possible distance between the iPhone and the charger require for charging. As soon as your iPhone is on the appropriate charger, it will automatically start charging. The efficiency of an inductive charging process is always worse than that of a cable. That means that wireless charging of the iPhone 8 takes longer than conventional charging by line.


As described, Apple, like many other smartphone manufacturers, relies on the now widespread Qi technology for charging. That means that you have to rely on Qi technology to capture your iPhone 8 wirelessly. Since Qi is the most widely used method for wireless charging, this is usually not a problem. You can find a range of charging stations from different manufacturers on the Internet that equip their devices with Qi technology. The cheapest are available for less than € 10.

The whole battery in the car

Due to the widespread use of Qi technology, it is also finding its way more and more into devices other than the classic charging stations. For example, the Swedish furniture store IKEA integrated Qi technology into its product lines some time ago. If you want to set your iPhone 8 wirelessly, as the owner of an appropriate piece of furniture, such as a lamp or table, all you need to do is place your device on the furniture to charge it. Automobile manufacturers are also increasingly relying on Qi technology and offering their customers the option of setting their smartphones while driving. As the owner of a car with Qi technology, you can charge your iPhone 8 wirelessly while driving by placing it in the designated place in your vehicle.


Charging your iPhone with Qi technology currently takes significantly longer than with a conventional cable. If you want to set your iPhone 8 wirelessly, you should, therefore, either do this overnight or at a time when you do not need your device immediately. Therefore, to counteract this problem, Samsung installed in his recent so-called “Fast Wireless Charging,” a quick charge method. “Fast Wireless Charging” was certified by the “WPC” or “Wireless Power Consortium” (in German: Consortium for wireless energy supply or committee of the Qi standard) and released for use by manufacturers of various smartphones or tablets.

The wireless technology, “Fast Charging” enables Samsung customers to fully charge their smartphone in a much shorter time. But iPhone customers can also benefit from this process. If you want to use the fast charging method when charging your iPhone 8 wirelessly, you have the option of doing this not via the induction coil of your iPhone but via the charger itself. In addition to the classic charging stations with “wireless charging,” there are also so-called fast charging devices with “fast wireless charging.”

While conventional chargers for wireless charging have 5 watts, fast-charging stations have 7 watts. Fast wireless charging is still not as efficient as charging with an old-fashioned cable, but it is gradually approaching this process. You can find fast charging devices on the Internet for as little as € 11. Suppose you want to set your iPhone 8 wirelessly and wish to use the “Fast Wireless Charging” method. Get a suitable device if possible. The trello price differences between the charging stations with “wireless charging” and “fast wireless charging” are minimal.