Here’s Everything You Need to Know About DIRECTV Stream

Streaming movies and TV shows have become a preference over conventional cable TV for millions across the globe. Thanks to wonderful streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and a few others, viewers have something exciting to watch at their own time.

And if you have been relying on DIRECTV packages to watch your favorite shows, then you have probably heard of DIRECTV Stream. But what is DIRECTV Stream, and how is it different from the DIRECTV satellite service? This is the question we are here to answer today. Follow us as we discuss DIRECTV Stream in thorough detail.

What is DIRECTV Stream?

DIRECTV Stream is AT&T’s Internet Protocol television (IPTV)platform that conveys live, on-demand, and recorded programming over the internet. This service is exclusively available for AT&T subscribers, who may enjoy it after subscribing to any of the DIRECTV Stream packages. Similar to other streaming platforms, you can stream on up to 20 compatible devices like TV, smartphone, and computers.

How Much Does It Cost?

This service is available in four different packages, with the lowest of them costing a starting monthly subscription of $69.99 plus tax per month. The cost you need to pay depends upon the package you choose as the variety of features in each package is different.

Is it Different from DIRECTV?

The short version is, yes. DIRECTV itself refers to the satellite TV subscription that offers a rich TV channel lineup broadcasted with assistance from a satellite. It does not need any internet connectivity whatsoever. DIRECTV Stream, on the other hand, is an online streaming service, and accessing it is not possible without the availability of high-speed internet.

What Plans does it Offer?

For the time being, these are the four packages of DIRECTV Stream that you may subscribe to:

DIRECTV Stream Entertainment Package

This is the most basic package in DIRECTV Stream where you will find access to more than 65 vibrant channels. Here, you will be able to enjoy TV channels like ESPN, Nickelodeon, and several others along with premium networks like SHOWTIME, STARZ, EPIX, and Cinemax for the first 3 months of your subscription. Not to mention that there are over 40,000 exciting On-Demand titles available as well.

DIRECTV Stream Choice™ Package

The next package available is the Choice™ Package that holds 90+ entertaining channels belonging to almost every genre imaginable. This plan takes things up a notch by adding the HBO Max™ subscription to your plan free for 3 months along with SHOWTIME®, STARZ, EPIX®, and Cinemax®. If you want longer access to these premium networks., call the DIRECTV Customer Service team and extend your subscription for a small fee.

DIRECTV Stream Ultimate Package

The Ultimate Package offers all the perks and benefits of the previous two packages while increasing the TV channel count up to more than 130. Here, you will find access to more premium TV channels like STARZENCORE® and CBS Sports.

DIRECTV Stream Premier™ Package

Finally, the most luxurious package that DIRECTV Stream has at its disposal is the Premier™ plan. This plan offers the richest variety amongall packages and offers more than 140 exceptional channels. Though it does bring with it quite a heavy price tag. But that too may be neglected since you will find access to more than 65,000 exciting On-Demand titles and unlimited access to CINEMAXCINEMAX™, CINEMAX®, STARZ®, and CINEMAX®.

Is DVR included in DIRECTV Stream?

All DIRECTV Stream subscribers may enjoy a decent capacity of DVR storage that is up to 20 hours. And this may also be enhanced, and subscribers may enjoy unlimited DVR storage simply by paying an additional $10 plus per month at the time.

What Other Features does it offer?

DIRECTV Stream subscribers may enjoy up to 20 simultaneous streams. This is nothing short of surprising since most popular streaming services do not even offer the option of 10.

Moreover, DIRECTV Stream subscribers also get a voice-controlled remote that is further backed up by Google Assistant. This will mean that you will need to move even a finger when you want to move between apps or switch channels while you are streaming .

Lastly, this service does not bind you with any hidden fees that may cause hindrance in the future, since you are not shackled by an imposing contract. You may cancel the subscription any time you wish that is if you even want to cancel it.

It’s Stream Time!

Deciding to switch from conventional cable TV to a streaming platform is probably an easy thing to do since streaming enables you to watch at your convenience. And if you do decide to switch to streaming, DIRECTV Stream is the way to go.

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