How to Solve Ms Outlook [pii_email_f4cea690933c501337c1] Error Code?

pii_email_f4cea690933c501337c1 – There are so many error codes that can occur when a user is using Outlook. If you are an Outlook user and you are facing the same Outlook error pii_email_f4cea690933c501337c1, then this read is for you. Here, we will discuss the methods by which you can quickly fix the problem and use it without any hassle.

Verify all SMTP email accounts in the list 

If an SMTP address in a distribution list is corrupted or improperly formatted, an error may occur. You should check all email addresses on the distribution list to make sure they are correct. Method to fix [pii_email_3f9311ff3c6ba118fb12] error Additionally, you can send individual test email messages to each distribution list member to identify invalid email accounts.

Increase the server timeout setting

[pii_email_f4cea690933c501337c1] - pii_email_f4cea690933c501337c1

If the error code accompanies a timeout error message, increasing the server timeout setting in Outlook or Outlook Express may resolve this issue. To raise the server timeout setting, use one of the following methods. How to fix [pii_email_3f9311ff3c6ba118fb12] error depending on the type of Outlook or Outlook Express installed.

Outlook 2010 and Advanced

  1. Start Outlook.
  2. On the Files menu, click Info.
  3. Click Account Settings, then select Account Settings from the list.
  4. Click the option to select the target POP3 account, and then click Edit.
  5. Click More Settings.
  6. Click the Advanced tab.
  7. Gradually increase the server timeout setting until the problem is solved.

Configure your firewall software to allow Outlook to access the Internet

Warning: This workaround can make a computer or network weaker to attack by malicious users or by malicious software, such as viruses. We do not mention this workaround, but we provide this information to instrument this workaround at your own discretion. Use this workaround at your own risk.

Configure your firewall software to allow the following files to access the Internet:

  • exe (for Outlook)
  • exe (for Outlook Express)

By default, port 25 is for outgoing entrance, and port 110 is for incoming admission. If you are not particular about the ports, contact your ISP or system administrator.

Start Outlook in safe mode

To open Outlook in safe mode, follow these methods, as appropriate for the operating system that you have installed.

Windows 10,  8.1, 8, 7, or Windows Vista

  1. In Windows 10, select the search field on the taskbar. In Windows 8.1 or Windows 8, put it down from the correct control of the screen, and then tap the Search tab. If you are using a mouse, plug to the lower right corner of the screen and click Search. For Windows 7 or Windows Vista, click Start.
  2. Enter Outlook.exe / safe in the search field.
  3. Press the Enter key.

Note: This article is intended to resolve the error pii_email_f4cea690933c501337c1 for informational purposes only. Please apply these corrections at your own risk. We strongly recommend that you contact Microsoft Support before you apply this hotfix.

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