Sony Xperia X

Sony Xperia x

In a few days, the new Sony Xperia X will hit the market. The Xperia Z family left for history after last year’s Xperia Z5 model, and in 2016, we have to launch a new name for the Japanese brand’s franchise.

At the end gadget, we have already tested the Sony Xperia X, the intermediate version of a range with three components. We have analyzed the renewed design to a camera that aspires to be a reference and the unknown of the battery, which releases technology to make its useful life longer. How has the Sony Xperia X entered the noblest area of the upper-middle-range?

Sony Xperia X: A Smartphone Complex to Pigeonhole

Sony’s smartphone with a letter as the last name is no longer the company’s franchise since the Premium version arrived with the Xperia Z5. It is in that terminal above the price that they put all the technology at your disposal. The same thing happens with the Sony Xperia X since the Xperia X Performance is above the Xperia X at specifications and price.

I have no doubts, and I am going to tell you about it this way, that due to its finish and many factors such as camera or performance, the Xperia X is competing from you to you with the best smartphones on the market.

On the other hand, in some aspects such as the screen’s resolution, which remains at 1080p, battery capacity, or choice of processor. The Xperia X is slightly behind, just in a medium-high or premium range that, together with its price of more than 600 euros, is a complex mix to manage and with no apparent clear place.

The Sony Xperia X comes with different accessories depending on whether you buy it free or with carriers. In the second case are MH750 headphones included, while in both with operators and free, there is a classic and compact charger, but without fast charging .

New generation; old but Contrasted Design

As soon as you take the Xperia X out of the box, touch it and observe it. There is no doubt which terminal we are facing. Since the first Xperia Z, Sony has evolved like no other brand. A design idea that no one can argue with you anymore. He has earned himself to be the one with the most personality in the sector.

The design of the Xperia X, broadly speaking, has been known for more than three years. Here I think that Sony has risked by not risking. With the change of name for the new saga, a more profound design renovation was hitting that would have made it easier for customers to think more directly and simply that there is an evolution and it is not more of the same.

And that there are substantial changes in the design of this Sony Xperia X. The two most important are not visible to the naked eye or touch.  The first is the change of construction material. There is a passage from glass to metal (very careful aluminum) at the rear. Still, it isn’t easy to appreciate because the frosted surface of the Xperia Z5 is almost indistinguishable from the metallic back of this Xperia X. Curious.

About Sony Xperia X

It does not break with the past. And loses the water resistance that everyone already associates with a high-end Xperia.

In the second place, we have the loss of water resistance, which is maintained in the Performance model but surprisingly and incompressible. It removes from this model. At this point, this seems very dangerous to me. Whoever has seen me testing the new Xperia X has not hesitated to suggest submerging it or at least get it. Because the idea has already remained among consumers that the Xperia is, above all, water-resistant. Convincing whoever buys an Xperia X otherwise is not going to be easy for Sony.

We find a place for the nano SIM card (the version with 64 GB memory will hit the market with a dual SIM system). And also, the microSD to expand the internal memory. It chooses by micro-USB as a charging port, and the shutter button maintains for photos. Of the connections, we like that a tray has been selected that does not need a tool to remove it. And is more secure than the systems that Sony previously integrated.  It would help if you remembered that the terminal restarts every time you take out and put the tray in.

Sony Xperia X

There is room for improvement in the volume control arrangement, a bit in no man’s land. On the opposite side and the top would make more sense.

The bezels around the display have improved on the sides. But they still seem excessive to us at the top and bottom. At least Sony has taken the opportunity to include two stereo speakers that sound above average in its range but without excessive fanfare.

What works perfectly for Sony is its fingerprint reader, very fast although you have to press it to identify us. Its place on the side start button has the advantage of allowing very natural access when we pick up the terminal and hold it. But it cannot use with the airport on the table. Not at least naturally.