Sea battles, treasure hunts, dangerous trials, and victory celebrations over a mug of rum are the key elements of any pirate story. Game developers couldn’t ignore this theme, so there are many projects about pirates in different genres. These can be well-known action games, pirate-related slots at, and conceptual games from independent studios. Here are the best pirate games on PC.

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew

Pirate games boast a lot of strategies, the latest of which is Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew. The main emphasis there is on stealth, and you will have to travel on a ghost ship together with the cursed crew. During the passage, players must deal with the enemies who blocked the way to the treasure. Magical powers that allow you to manipulate time help in the battles.

Port Royale 4

Port Royale 4 will delight fans of strategy games. This time, players will join the colonial power in an attempt to establish dominance over the Caribbean Sea. During the passage, a small settlement will be transformed into a large developing city: production chains will cover several islands, and the right trade routes will help meet the demands of the inhabitants. Turn-based naval battles include up to eight ships.

Frigato: Shadows of the Caribbean

Some games about pirates and ships aren’t always to most users’ liking. In the tactical Frigato: Shadows of the Caribbean, players complained about bugs and technical problems but appreciated the high complexity and commitment to the genre. You have to take a motley crew of pirates, each with their own motives and goals. Battles boast the need to improvise and emphasize stealth.


Wavetale is a highly unusual game that has no place for the usual concepts of rugged, bearded pirates. Instead, players explore the sea on their feet: the heroine can walk on water. The main goal is to save peaceful people from giant monsters and uncover secrets that lurk deep beneath the surface. You can decorate your character with different outfits, and the drawings in the heroine’s diary will help you learn more about the world of the game.


The game once again requires a virtual reality helmet, but it’s worth it. In Battlewake, you can choose one of four pirate captains to battle mysterious creatures in the spirit of Lovecraftian horror. The key skills of the pirates are magical abilities. For example, one of them will destroy an enemy ship with bone spikes, and another will summon the Kraken from the depths.

Sea of Survivors

Sea of Survivors attracts attention for its unusual style. Ships, islands, and enemies contrast sharply with the gloomy sea, which is filled with monsters. The passage is divided into rounds, at the end of which a battle with an epic boss awaits. The most interesting mechanic is that you can’t stop your ship — you can only change the direction and attack enemies. You will have to dodge often because the enemies mercilessly bombard the ship with shells.


In Pirate101, you can play with a huge number of other users. The stylistics aren’t quite ordinary, and it resembles a cartoon with anthropomorphic animals. In the course of turn-based battles, you have to use tactics, uncover secrets, and apply powerful combos. All this is necessary to find the treasure map of Eldorado with your motley crew. Besides battles, you can relax in beautiful locations or train your pets in new techniques.

Captain Bones

Captain Bones is once again a survival game, but this time the islands are handcrafted. They are inhabited by other pirates and other enemies, but you can also find civilians, with whom you need to make friends and conduct favorable exchanges. For successful survival, it’s worth creating transportation and weapons — everything is made from improvised resources found in the open world. There is an opportunity to gather a pirate team and become famous as the best captain.