Golf Watches

Complete your golf outfit with a functional golf watches. Why a golf watch? It is now considered good form to wear a gold watch on the green. Get information on distance and game analysis at a glance. Every golf watch test points out the most important criteria that will improve your game and increase the joy of playing. Use our clear product table to find the suitable model that does not do without tournament approval and splash protection.

If you are just now discovering your passion for golf or are already a passionate driving range visitor, you are in tune with the times with a gadget like a golf watch with GPS. Find out which criteria are essential when buying a Garmin watch.

In the current golf watch tests in 2021, the essential functions of a golf watch remain pore over as well as you will check your golf equipment or the contents of your golf bag before you tee off. Find your golf watch, test winner.

1. What is a Golf Watch?

A golf watch is just a regular watch that you can comfortably wear on your wrist. However, this golf watch provides you with valuable services on the golf course. For example, a golf watch with a range finder tells you the distance to the next hole. If you have already discovered the golf watch in your golf shop, you should take the chance.

The integrated golf courses, displayed using the golf watch, are represented in Germany and world wide. As soon as you enter the system with your new golf watch, this will remain recognized by your look. As a result, you will not want to do without this valuable companion for long, always available with exact dates, thanks to the tournament approval.

2. What do you need a Golf Watch for?

Suppose you are on a golf course that you do not know. You will then notice that it is not easy to estimate the distances. It affects your concentration as long as you think about which club you need or how firm your shot needs to be. That is why an elegant golf watch for women or a more oversized golf watch for men is a slight space advantage that is also a beautiful piece of jewelry. In any case, a golf watch is a perfect gift for passionate golfers.

Place detection is a notable feature. The range finder on your golf watch sits directly on your wrist, not on the golf bag a meter away. Assuming you aim at the next flag, you can measure this position with the GPS golf watch and adjust your game accordingly. In addition, with the use of golf watches, you gain valuable information for analyzing your competition. The tees and statistics save using a Garmin watch.

These statistics are transmitted via USB cabel to your computer or via Bluetooth to your smartphone. A brand new golf watch will even tell you golf cards that you have not yet played. If you are also interested in personal values: The latest golf watches measure distances covered, your calorie consumption, and save your sleep phases.

2.1. Jewelry or a Functional Fitness Tool?

For example, suppose your golf watch shows you scorecard information and your lap times from the last game. It will improve your handicap and gain a fashionable accessory that perfectly matches your appearance in the golf house. Rely on an elegant, feminine golf watch for women with small dimensions in mm as a men’s watch if you have already admired suitable models in the golf shop. Well-known brands from manufacturers such as Garmin, TomTom, or Bushnell are an excellent introduction to the world of functional golf watches with style.

Golf, once a male domain, is played by successful female golfers with just such a passion. So treat yourself to an attractive golf watch from TomTom with a range finder and GPS. Like the golf watches for men, the ladies’ models prepare with a touchscreen display and hole recognition. Assuming you appreciate this service, you can call your e-mails and SMS between the discount and discount.

2.2 IP Certification

IP certification makes sense to protect you from any damage. It proves the resilience and longevity of high-quality golf watches. It also confirms to you that the golf watch is unlikely to require any repairs.

Although this may not be a criterion for you when considering a new golf watch, you should bear in mind that every repair costs money. If you choose the best golf watch and pay more for it, you can ideally expect to enjoy this watch for golf and leisure for many years.

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