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Why should you choose cable TV?

cable TV

Over the years, there have been many streaming services that people have grown to love and use. This meant that they no longer needed cable TV so they “cut the cord”. Because of this, a lot of people have started wondering whether they should be doing this too or not? While it is a good option for many, we believe, it is not a good option for all.

Some people might want to use streaming services instead of cable TV to save money as they do not need all the channels. Others might think that cable TV is too costly. Whereas, if you look at the other side of the story, some people prefer cable TV over streaming services due to added benefits like internet and telephone services. Here, we have discussed some points as to why you should choose Cable TV.


Cable TV can very easily be described as an all-in-one entertainment. There is no limit to the types of TV channels you can get. You can have news, movies, TV shows and, music channels, etc. Compared to streaming services, where you will need to have more than one for all types of channels, Cable TV makes your life easier. The best part is, you can choose how many channels you want during your purchase. Although it is not completely customized, there are still options to choose from regarding the number of channels. Sports channels and the news are fairly popular among Cable TV users.

Attractive packages and bundles

Whenever you go on the internet or to a service provider, you are bound to see service bundles offering internet, telephone, and Cable TV together. These are offered at discounted rates and are usually quite popular. Of course, these are highly recommended as they help you, not only to save money, but it becomes easier for you to manage the bill for all three services.

Some service providers offer other benefits along with these bundles like free installation or premium channels and more. You can also get an app from the service provider for your phone or laptop and continue to enjoy those channels anywhere. Spectrum silver package from Spectrum gives you benefits like their app and multiple HD channels.

To ease the difficulty of their users, service providers offer customized bundles at different prices. They can choose to purchase only one service or two services together or all three. Furthermore, they can even decide how many channels they want and whether it’s a monthly or yearly plan. If a user changes his mind about a particular service and doesn’t want to use one out of three, they can change their bundle and get what they want.

No data caps!

Possibly the biggest advantage that Cable TV has over streaming channels is not being restricted by internet connection. With streaming channels, there is a regular occurrence of internet issues or disturbance and data caps. But with Cable TV, you can enjoy your movie or news without that problem. What most people also fail to realize is the internet bill along with the streaming services. Usually, people cut Cable TV to save money but that only leads to an increase in internet bills and streaming subscription fees. So, our advice would be to calculate the total cost of both and then compare and choose one.

Equipment setup

At most, you will probably have to pay for two or three devices, should you choose a service bundle. It is a very simple setup and you might not even have to pay for installation, depending on the service provider.


The question of quality is always there whether it’s for Cable TV or streaming services. Contrary to what some people think, Cable TV offers HD channels as well. The quality is just the same as any streaming service you might see.

Program schedules

What is often the problem with streaming services is the fact that new programs do not air until after some time. This is problematic especially when there is a new season for a show you’ve been watching and don’t want any spoilers. However, if you are using cable TV, you can watch the show as soon as it is aired. The only exception to this is the shows that Netflix produces like Riverdale, Squid games, etc.

Live sports

One of the biggest advantages of having cable TV is watching sports matches live. There are undoubtedly other platforms to stream live matches on, but the most effective is it. Zero interruptions and the best channels like ESPN to make the match even more exciting!


As we conclude this topic, it is clear there are numerous benefits to Cable TV that many people miss. However, it is undeniable that streaming services have their benefits too. In the end, it is the preference of the user and what they are comfortable with. But if the decision to cut cable is only to save money, then you should consider these points before making that decision. It is possible Cable TV might cost you lesser than streaming services in your case.

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