Famoid vs PlentyGram – With more than one billion active users, Instagram is one of the most famous social media sites. In other words, Instagram is the most used after Facebook. As a new creator, the most difficult job of an Instagram influencer is to get as many new followers as possible.

There are many online and offline sites to ease those who do not have followers on Instagram. But most people prefer online sites; maybe you are also one of them. If yes, you must have done a bit of research on this topic and got two names: Famoid and PlentyGram.

But which Instagram followers service is better? Don’t sweat it because we have got a comparison of Famoid and PlentyGram.

Famoid – Famoid vs PlentyGram

So, Famoid is one of the most famous and effective marketing agencies when we talk about buying genuine Instagram followers online. Famoid is one of those agencies that have provided and are providing their services globally to hundreds of celebrities, companies, and, most importantly, newcomers.

We can confidently say that Famoid is better than many big marketing agencies that offer genuine IG followers. And the best thing is that it is not because of their genuine followers. Almost every popular marketing agency offers real Instagram followers, but Famoid has an edge due to its extra services.

It also provides its services to those companies or influencers who don’t want to buy Instagram followers, but they are willing to get followers from organic ways. So, Famoid is one of those few agencies that are always there to help Instagram influencers.

But this is not the ending of the services of Famoid; Famiod offers so many other services as well. But we will discuss only the top of its services. Are you one of those Instagram influencers who are willing to advertise and promote the different brands to earn some commission, but you are bare-handed now?

If yes, you need someone who can assist you in finding some reasonable brands with which you can work as an influencer. And that is where Famoid comes again because it is a complete marketing agency that will love to help you find and attract different brands and firms.

The best thing about this marketing agency that can impress any Instagram influencer is that you can dismiss your order at any moment. You can easily remove your campaign whenever you feel that the result is not as good as it should be.

PlentyGram – Famoid vs PlentyGram

PlentyGram is another great option for buying genuine Instagram followers online. Many influencers hesitate to go for this marketing firm. The main reason for that is that PlentyGram was launched in 2018. So, according to many influencers’, an agency that does not have that much experience in this field will not be perfect for them.

But when we did some study, we found out that experience is a factor, but it does not matter that much that many people think. Their packages and services are so wide that they require a complete article, but we will try to provide you with the main points here.

Along with Instagram, PlentyGram also targets audience and content creators on TikTok. The best thing about this agency is that every process is 100% safe and hassle-free. So, as an influencer, you will never need to be worried about the number of followers or views that PlentyGram will provide.

If you want views for Instagram stories, posts, and videos, then PlentyGram is a great option. Because every view that you will get on your stories, posts and videos will be genuine. It means that there will not be any robot that will provide you with views and followers. But they will be real Instagram users.


Now, as you have read this comprehensive article thoroughly, you must have got an idea that both agencies have different priorities. In other words, both are completely safe firms, so that you will never need to be worried about the number of followers. And if you are looking to become an influencer on Instagram, continued user growth is such an important thing to have.

But when we got into the depth of this topic, we found out that Famoid is a bit better than PlentyGram if you are an Instagram influencer. Because PlentyGram is also working on TikTok, their working, process, and assistance are not that good that Famoid has. But the final choice is yours.