Minecraft Achievement how did we get here?- What do you mean by Minecraft? It is a game where users break and create blocks of various types. They are two main modes creative and survival. You can play this game on Pc, Smartphones, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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How Did We Get Here Minecraft Achievement

minecraft achievement

Minecraft Achievement is considered one of the most challenging Advancements to get. Because of all the criteria that the players need to fulfill to complete the Advancement. Advancements are achieved in any game. Many Advancements are pretty simple to get, and some are very tough to get.

This Minecraft How We Got Here achievement follows the progression of A Raging Cocktail and has a very unclear requirement to “Have all effects applied at once.” It is a secret achievement, and players won’t know how to get it until they get it.

Potions are the essential part. If you’re going for the achievement, you’ve already done all the potions for A Furious Cocktail. Here are a few best options to try out.


The Potion of Harming is an excellent potion to give to an unsuspecting friend if you’re playing coop. It does six hearts of damage and will undoubtedly shock anyone who drinks it, or you can drink it yourself.

Slow Falling

The slow-falling potion is a small niche potion but it is mainly beneficial for users who have to worry about taking fall damage. If you fly using an Elytra, visit the End, or even fight the Ender Dragon, you will most likely fall from high places. It will make you fall slower and will reverse fall damage.


The strength potion is the best option. It’s not a particularly expensive potion, as it simply requires Blaze Powder. You’ll likely have more Blaze Powder if you’re brewing potions first. Your attack damage is increased by three points, to one and a half hearts.


In a war situation, any extra health is always welcome. That is why healing potions are valuable items in the game and quite expensive to craft. First, you need to create a Sparkling Melon, which requires Gold Nuggets and a Melon Slice.

Its regular version instantly heals four health points, which is two hearts. If you want more bang for your buck, add Lightstone to restore eight points, which translates to four hearts instantly.

Night Vision

When traveling at night or searching for ocean ruins and shipwrecks, night vision potions are a big help. They allow you to see underwater and in the dark. Caving with this potion in hand can be a great relief if you run out of coal for torches.


The things to get this status are many: Potion of Invisibility, Splash potion of invisibility, Lingering potion of Invisibility, Arrow of Invisibility, or getting attacked by an Illusion.


Players can get this effect from eating Rotten Flesh, Raw Chicken, or when attacked by Husk or Pufferfish.


In addition to restoring pure health, the regeneration potion is almost more strong, continuously giving you value long after you’ve consumed the potion. However, the cost is a Ghast Tear, which is fallen when a Ghast is killed. If you didn’t know that, it’s usually not an easy task.

These are all the things players need to complete. Once all your potions are ready, you must know about the different effects of the Minecraft game. So, these are the Minecraft Achievement how did we get here.

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All The Beacon Effects

They are two types of beacons. The first is a regular Lighthouse, which you’ll need to kill the Wither after getting three Wither Skeleton Skulls and getting 164 Iron Blocks to install.

Once the pyramid is ready, place the beacon and set its level 1 effect to Haste and its level 2 impact to Resilience.

Mob Effects

You’ll need a few effects from mobs for the achievement, so get ready to capture some creatures and keep them contained until you need them. The first is Dolphin’s Grace, so get your hands on a dolphin and tie it up in the water where you’ll be working.

The second is the Wither effect, so to Lure a Wither Skeleton through a portal and store it in a pen until needed. Alternatively, you can use a Wither rose, obtained when a Wither kills a mob. You’ll have to fight Wither for all of this anyway, so bring a bucket of fish or something and place it for the angry boss to kill, and you’ll be rewarded with the harmful flower.

But after this, the next one is the hardest. You’ll need the levitation effect, which wants a Shulker. Getting one of these grumpy creatures out of the End can be tricky, but it’s doable with mining carts and patience. When they pass through the final leading portal, they’ll spawn in the Overworld, so be ready to head there to pick up your new purple pet if you’ve set up your spawn elsewhere.

The Final Stage And Receiving The Minecraft Achievement

The final stage where you get the achievement is when a spectral arrow hits you. Create one of these arrows and place it in a dispenser to shoot yourself. With that figured out, everything should be in place for you to achieve the achievement.

Throw all your potions, eat all your food except the suspicious stew, use the dispenser to shoot yourself with the arrow, swim with the dolphin, stand on your wither rose, let the shulker hit you, and eat the suspicious stew. You’ll need to be quick with all of this because no matter what order you do it in, there are some short countdowns on the effects that will limit you.

You’ll also get a Furious Cocktail if you don’t already have it, meaning all your hard work could pay off in a two-for-one. After completing this, you will be achieving one of Minecraft’s most famous challenges.